The Patronage Scheme

Running costs at SYD are high, and only getting higher. We're very grateful to those who pay just £20 a year to support the group, and help fund opportunities for our fantastic young people. In return, we offer priority ticket booking a month ahead of public sales.

Get involved!

If you would like to become a patron of the group, please contact Dawn, or speak to any of our other SYD leaders. It's as easy as making your £20 donation to the group and giving a name you would like credited, and that's it!

Will it really help?

Yes! Your contribution could make a huge difference to the group. Patronage from the last year alone covered the costs of costuming a whole show, but could just as easily pay for several members subscriptions and trips to Burwell, maintenance of tech gear, or insurance for an entire SYD group!

The SYD Patrons

Bill Atkinson

Mariann Bienz

Colin Bishop

Malcolm & Doreen Bithell

Mark, Judith & The Bond Family

Adam & Meghan Bonner

Gary Bonner

Valerie Catton

David & Jenny Caughtry

Cathy Challis

Betty Cleveland

David Dobson

Bernie Flood

Dawn Furbank

Gareth Furbank

Judith Grant

Phil & Harriet Graves

Jonathan & Nicola Griffiths

Ray & Sarah Hackett

Richard Henson

Lin Lee

Margaret Lilley

Mark Long

Yvonne Long

Alastair & Lisa Macgregor

Janet Macleod

Pearl Mann

Andy & Jane Mayo

Heidi Meikle

Richard & Jayne Morgan

Sandy Powell & Anne Wade

Roy Reader

Graham Ross

Phil & Alison Searle

Tracey Taylor

Norma Watson

Martin & Heidi Welch

Katrina White

Steve & Liz Williams

Ken & Anne Wood