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SYD 7s - School year 7

The Lion King

Aladdin 7th-8th July

A street rat, a princess, a genie, and a flying carpet. What more could you want? It's a whole new world of magic and adventure, that SYD 7s are delighted to be producing.


Rehearsals The story so far...

The show is cast and we're on to rehearsing, bringing a little Genie magic to our time in the Marven Centre!

The Lion King

The Lion King Our 2016 production

Young Simba can't wait for the day he becomes king of Pride Rock, but when his Uncle's aspirations make that day come around in a terrible manner, he must seek the help of friends old and new to make him a worthy leader.

Past Shows

Past Productions Since 2009

Over the last decade we've come a long way and seen hundreds of young people through our doors. Take a look at the photos of our shows through the years!