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In light of the global pandemic we are anticipating having to make a number of changes to the way we operate. We have also had a number of leaders decide during lockdown that they would like to move on or focus on other parts of their lives. With this in mind we will be starting SYD groups at different points in the year:

As previously announced we will be making membership free this year for anyone who was a member during the 50th Anniversary Year 2019/20. If a member was in SYD 7s and only partially paid for the year they will have reduced rates this year. For any new members to the group we will still ask for the full fee, but we will communicate information about payments later in the year.

We will also be running reduced group sizes this year with caps of 40 members in Seniors and Juniors and a cap of 30 in SYD 7s. We would urge you to register as soon as possible rather than leaving it until the next school year. We have added a new question to the registration form asking you why you want to join SYD. Please do consider this question carefully as it may be used if groups become oversubscribed.

If you have questions about the forthcoming year or would like to discuss things further please email